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Please take a minute to read this short letter to participants and staff regarding  

Rabbitstick 33 - 2021

NOTICE  8/28/21


Due to a sharp increase in registrations this past week, we have been forced to stop taking new registrations.  Because of a need for caution again this year, we have determined that it will be best to cap the number of people in camp.  Consistent with this we will not be taking gate registration and are not allowing people to come for single days.  In order for us plan for camp logistics, food, help, etc., this early cut-off allows us time to plan and respond to changing camp needs.


We apologize if this catches you without warning, but we have been closely watching advanced registrations for the past 4 months and were all set to work with a smaller camp that could handle the limitations we find today. You might have been planning to come, but we could only estimate numbers according to who had already registered and made plans accordingly.


We anticipate that there may be people who decide not to travel as Covid warnings change from day to day but assume they have already made that decision.  With that in mind, we will be happy to have you email us your contact information – name, phone, address, etc. and add you to a waiting list that we have started.


Once again we are sorry to disappoint you, but we encourage you to plan ahead and join us next year.


David and Paula Wescott

Covid Policy - 
For those waiting and monitoring Covid developments, Idaho does not have a mask mandate or limit to outdoor group sizes. Therefore, we will not mandate health requirements. We will maintain a clean camp, but if you are coming, your health protection is your responsibility. Those wanting to provide their own protection via masks, we encourage you to do so when we gather in large groups or intimate classes. If you choose to wait until next year, you may roll-over your tuition for one year. If you cancel, all regular cancellation policies apply.

As of July 1, Backtracks has decided to open registrations for 

Rabbitsick 33  - September 12-18, 2021 at a discounted price.


     We have determined that conditions across the country, although still fluid, point to trends that will allow us to convene Rabbitstick 33 without many changes. However, we have decided to limit our food service to 1 meal each day  - Dinner at 6pm. This means you will need to plan on providing your own meals for breakfast and lunch. Fire bans may be in effect, so bring a stove if you want to cook. You may also create mini-coops with others to prep meals and share gear. If you have concerns about our washing facilities at dinner, bring paper products, but you are responsible for your own trash.  


Our plan is to monitor changes and/or improvements as the weeks pass prior to our event. Cross your fingers that things continue to improve as we gather on the banks of the Snake River again this fall. 

     Creating this event and making it work for an amazingly diverse group of supporters has always been a balancing act. Unfortunately the world is full of polarizing viewpoints, while,  of course, the majority of us are caught somewhere in the middle. The problem is that all of us are being negatively affected in some way or another, and we want you to know that we don’t take any of it lightly and we wish the best for everyone. We are well aware of how wildly trends are being interpreted, but it’s not our call to just ignore them. Our intent is to create create a unified camp. 

     That said, we are staying positive and looking forward to this fall. We will provide anyone who pre-registered last year a full carryover of your registration fees plus credit for our new early price. We are 2+ months out, so we still have lots of time to see how things will progress. If we do need to modify any part of the event, we will immediately let you know about any decisions we make. Anyone who has to make airline plans, you may want to purchase an inexpensive trip cancellation policy just in case things "go south" at the last minute.


To our dedicated staff – It's time for a Roll-Call - Rabbitstick has always been an “Instructor’s event” – a homecoming - if you will, and we're looking forward to getting together with everyone we have missed this past year. Paula and I have stayed busy with all the free time and have spoken to many of you over the phone or seen others of you at events. We have carefully weighed all the options and we  are aware that many people are still hurting financially and/or medically and that many of our older teachers still may not be able to attend. We don't not want to leave them out...I guess we’re part of that group as well. We have been polling people to get feedback about everyone's feelings, and many of you have offered your support for whatever we decide to do. Many of you have made the pilgrimage to Idaho for over 30 years and we hope that habit will continue after this brief interruption.

    We encourage everyone to keep the spirit of Rabbitstick alive by continuing to share photos and comments on social media, and letting us know how you’re doing. We're looking forward to our roll-call at the start of our annual staff meeting.  Stay in touch, and stay healthy. Tomorrow will hopefully be a “4 Rabbit” day (Callie upped the anti from Woniya's 2 original Rabbit Day}.


David and Paula and the Backtracks staff.

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