Please take a minute to read this short letter to participants and staff regarding our rescheduling of Rabbitstick 33

As of July 15, 2020 Backtracks has decided to postpone Rabbitsick 33

and reschedule it for September 12-18, 2021.


     We have determined that conditions in the state of Idaho will continue to have a negative affect on our efforts to convene Rabbitstick 33. We had fully anticipated changes in state guidelines would upgrade so that we would be unrestricted in holding the event. At the present time, the state is holding its event planner guidelines at Stage 4 which clearly state that organizers “postpone, cancel” or move to a virtual platform any event that brings people into the state from areas where infections continue to be a problem. We had hoped to wait until July 31 – which was the original date for opening the state – but the trend is not looking in our favor – in fact it’s moving backwards - and indecisiveness is not fair to anyone that it affects.

     Creating this event and making it work for an amazingly diverse group of supporters has always been a balancing act. The problem with impacts from the virus is no different. We have polarizing viewpoints from – “It’s setting the stage for a New World Order” to “If I leave my house I’ll die.” Of course, the majority of us are caught somewhere in between. The problem is that all of us are being negatively affected in some way or another, and we want you to know that we don’t take any of it lightly and we wish the best for everyone. We are well aware of how wildly the facts and numbers are interpreted, but it’s not our call to just ignore them.

     That said, we are staying positive and looking forward to next year. We will provide anyone who has pre-registered with a full refund. We can also carry- over your tuition to next year’s event as well. Just let us know and we’ll be glad to help you out. We realize this is unfortunate, and we hope that we have not waited too long...we had hoped for improvement to the situation. We are 60 days out so everyone should be able to change travel plans without much hardship.


To our dedicated staff – Rabbitstick has always been an “Instructor’s event” – a homecoming - if you will, and we hate that we won’t get to be with everyone again this fall. Paula and I listed all of the pros and cons the other night, and the one that created the most turmoil was our friendship with all of you. We thought that it would be unfair to hold a gathering when so many people were hurting financially and/or medically and that many of our older teachers would not be able to attend. We did not want to leave them out...I guess we’re part of that group as well. Those of you who have called and offered your support for whatever we decided was a welcome blessing. Many of you have made the pilgrimage to Idaho for over 30 years and we hope that habit will continue after this brief interruption.

    We encourage everyone to keep the spirit of Rabbitstick alive by sharing photos and comments on social media, and let us know how you’re doing. I guess we can have a virtual roll- call on-line in place of our regular staff gabfest at the start of our annual staff meeting. I think we’ll miss that the most. Stay in touch, and stay healthy. Tomorrow will hopefully be a “2 Rabbit” day.


David and Paula and the Backtracks staff.