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Event Registration

PLEASE NOTE: Rabbitstick has always maintained a long window for early registrations. We are making every attempt to change the recent "feeding frenzy" and late cancellations that have developed with many of the sites that open for early registration. Please consider your attendance before registering. We have increased the cancellation fee, so be sure you are serious about making the event prior to taking a spot.

Early Registration for 2023 will continue until August 1 or
until we reach our limit. 

• Online Registration:  After registering through Pay-pal, please print and fill out the Registration and Release forms for each adult who will be attending the event (FORMS LOCATED TO THE RIGHT - Children can be added to adult forms).

Return forms ASAP via e-mail - - or snail mail.


• Register by Mail: Forms need to be completed and submitted by August 15th.


Late Registrations: There will be no late registrations at the gate.

•    Adult Early Registration - 2023 - $340.00   (Ends Aug. 1st, 2023)

•    Adult Registration Adult - Late for 2023 - $425.00     (After Aug. 1st, 2023)

•    Teen Registration - ages 13-15 - $185.00

•    Youth Registration - ages 9-12 - $160.00

•    Kids Registration - ages 4-8 - $70.00

Cancellation  Fee - Due to the fact that there are transaction fees that apply via Paypal, there is a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee for adult registrations prior to August 1st. After August 1st registrations are not refundable, but may be transferred to someone else or, with approval, held over for one year. We have raised this fee due to the inordinate number of last-minute cancellations all events are starting to experience - if you register, you take a spot from someone else who would like to attend.

•   We will be serving only one meal (Dinner at 6pm) each day. 

•   Day Rate - We have discontinued a day use rate. All participation will be limited to guests who will be in camp all week. 


This is printable registration info that includes registration forms. Simply fill them out, make a clear phot, and e-mail them back.

Registration forms are required for every registered participant. Youth can be added to adult forms

2023 Registration Form

All pre-registered participants must submit a signed Release form with their registration. Please print this out, scan or photograph 

it and e-mail it in.

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