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Update Info - 2024

• Taking Back The Night - Take a minute and read Myron's well thought-out letter to our camp.  Our original camp was made up   of simple shelters and lights that were reminiscent of the skills we came to teach and learn.  We have grown to accommodate a wide variety of modern "shelters" as well.  Unfortunately in that process we have lost a bit of the connection to those earlier times and values. In an effort to recapture  them, we are encouraging you to reduce dependance on intense lighting, and we do not want external generators running in the area set aside for  trailers - they should be self-contained and set up to meet your needs for the week without  unwanted noise in camp. 

• 2024   What to Expect -We're all experiencing that pain at the gas pump and grocery store. Hopefully a week in camp will provide you a rest from the world and a chance to get back to basics.  We're doing our best to hold expenses down and make your time in camp a pleasant and affordable one. Unfortunately we have had to adjust prices slightly.

We are also asking that  trailers have self-contained generators - the quiet kind - and will not allow external generators in camp.   Just as  this technology  messed up a quiet camp, occasionally bright lights  spoiled the night. Lamptime is time for the sun to go down and soft lights to come up.  Please respect  our requests as we address the problem of noise - including pre-recorded amplified music -  and annoying lights we had in camp last year.

• 2024 Trailer/Motorhome Policy -  Here are some updates that might affect how you camp. Please read them carefully. 

  New Camp Items -   Rental Bell Tents

 This year we are offering rental tent accommodations in the form of 13ft Bell Tents.   Jake Hartner of Wilderwise Education, A Kanab Folk School, will be providing them. The bell tent is perfect for those who desire a little more comfort, or are flying in and can’t bring much gear-or for those who just want to put their feet up the minute they get here and focus on the classes instead of the set up.

       The bell tents provide a spacious respite between the hustle and excitement of the classes. They are unfurnished, making room for whatever bedding you bring along and crafts you are working on during the week. 

        A community kitchen shade structure will be available exclusively to renters to store their coolers and to cook if necessary. It will also include a shared propane cook stove, 5 gallon water container, and fire pan.

   Price:     One 13 foot bell tent for the whole week - $300

 Please contact Jake Hartner at (208) 881-4016 for more information.



• 2024   Class Schedule   - Instructors have started filling-in the class schedule for RS-36. Here is a copy of a recent class schedule for you to  get an    idea of how the week may look.     Sign-ups for classes with limited space and materials fees takes place opening day.


Calendar Shot.png

•    Class Reminders   -

More and more families are attending every year.   A reminder to parents that Kids Camp is a half day program. Please be aware of that and plan your sechedule accordingly.


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