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    Teachers and artisans in primitive technology are invited by Backtracks to attend Rabbitstick in order to share ideas and methods as well as spread the arts through hands-on workshops to people such as yourself. You can expect skills instruction from some of the nation's top primitive technologists and artisans.

     30+ classes are held from 9am to 5pm daily. Lecture/ Discussion Sessions are information oriented and cover a broad subject. Demonstrations are a how to presentation with some practical instruction. Hands-On classes will provide you with instruction to actually complete a project or practice a new skill. Displays illustrate the breadth to which a subject may be taken. Symposiums are intensive sessions led by multiple instructors that focus on one topic, they may go for one hour to all day.

     Some workshops may have a materials fee that will be collected by the instructor. Limits to class size are controlled by the instructors and sign up sheets will be made available during the Opening Day Blanket Fair 11am-1pm opening day. Dates, times, limits, costs etc. of the classes will be posted on the camp

Bulletin Board and announced at morning meetings by instructors.




Primitive Pottery


Useful Plants

Bows & Arrows


Traps & Snares


Altatls & Darts

Birch-bark Crafts


Fire by Friction

Pecking & Grinding

Food Gathering


Knife Making

Primitive Games

Knife Sharpening

Finger Weaving

Tule / Cattail Crafts

Shelter Building

Shoe and Sandal making

Drop Spindle Spinning

Stone Axes

Willow Crafts

Earth Pigment Paints

Blow Guns

Wholistic Medicine

Gourd Crafts

Backstrap Weaving

Cordage & Fibers

And Many More

Event Schedule 2022.jpg
Once the class schedule goes up, the common response is “How do we do everything?’ The answer is simple, “You can’t.” Start with the basics and work your way into harder projects as you return year after year. The Bulletin Board gets crazy-busy as the week continues, so check for daily changes, and listen to announcements during campwide circles.

Here's a printable version of the master schedule located above.

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