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Operating Policies & Guidelines

  Creating a community that is excited, happy, healthy, supportive and enjoys being together is what we strive for whenever we open the gates for Rabbitstick. With so many people coming from varied backgrounds, cultures and belief systems, this goal can be a bit of a juggling act. We have found that by creating a common language and fair expectations of what will and won’t be acceptable for life in camp, we avoid problems that might otherwise crop up in other venues.

     The Rabbitstick family that returns year after year – we have people that have been coming as students for 20+ years – has bought into the policies and camp guidelines that are listed below, and expect new attendees to do the same – in fact they can get pretty prickly when they see someone else not protecting the reputation of their community. We will occasionally have locals drop-in “just to check things out,” and it’s great to see our adhoc camp ambassadors welcome them and let them know what’s going on.

    So welcome to Rabbitstick. We’re excited to have you join us in our efforts to keep these traditions alive. 

Event Policies 


Community Behavior: Please be considerate of those with whom you share this camp. Since we have so many families in attendance, we try to maintain a standard of behavior that will provide a safe place for everyone. Asking you to avoid drugs, alcohol, nudity (this includes children, and applies to the sauna,  swimming in the river and camp in general), confrontational behavior and a few other issues that might create disruption in a community, shouldn't be too much of a burden for anyone to handle for a few days out of your life. Let's make this a great experience for all of us. As noted on the Registration Form, you are agreeing to adhere to these policies and expectations for behavior. Anyone who chooses to violate the policies may be asked to leave the event. 


Dog Policy: Please leave dogs at home. No dogs, other than legitimate service dogs are allowed in the main camp. In order to qualify as a service dog, it  must meet ADA requirements.​

     If bringing a dog is unavoidable (service dogs exempt), a separate area of the main camp is available for dog owners and their pet. Dogs are not allowed in the rest of camp unless they are on a leash - Please no pets in the kitchen area at meal times. There are resources nearby for pet-sitting and kenneling if you need it.

    Any dog, regardless of whether it is a service dog or not will be asked to leave camp if any of the following occur: Incessant barking, jumping on children or adults, growling, lunging at anyone, defecating and not being cleaned up after, running free without being leashed, stealing other peoples items, etc. The same goes for cats. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up your mess in camp and along walking trails. 

2023 Meals - For a variety of reasons, we will continue to serve dinner only this year. We will have designated kitchen staff and servers for this meal who will be trained and will apply safety protocols. We will have our regular dishwashing facilities. If this is a concern to you, you may want to bring paper products or wash your dishes in camp. We ask that all trash and food waste go into the garbage and not on the ground. You are responsible for your own trash. With possible fire bans, plan to bring a stove to cook. You can also form mini-groups to share food duties and gear.

Food Allergy Policy: We're sorry, but Backtracks cannot accept responsibility for special medical conditions of its participants. An allergy is a medical condition that varies from person to person in severity. Once we assume responsibility, we become liable for making sure we provide conditions that will insure your protection. With a simple field kitchen that has to feed 600 people in 30 minutes, we cannot/will not accept that liability.

    We do provide a vegetarian option at meals, but this is usually a dietary not a medical concern. If you have a food allergy, you need to make sure that you provide for yourself whatever special items you may need for meals. Nut, gluten and dairy additives are present in almost all foods and sauces available to us these days and we cannot guarantee where they are and where they aren’t. We do not provide a price discount as an option.

Open Fires: As the climate continues to alter it's regular patterns, we are finding our event moving into the regular fire season rather than just as it closes. With this in mind we are find the need to comply with local fire regulations as they unfold. Last year policy changed mid-week - This year? Who Knows.Plan to cook meals on a stove. If fires are allowed, they must be contained in a fire pin or pit.

Electronics & Lighting:  Please help us keep electronic interference to a minimum. The music WE play is the music WE create. We have made exceptions for some low-level amplified music, but canned music is not permitted. Bright lights are an intrusion on the beauty of the camp at night. No electric lights. Keep bright lanterns turned down so everyone can enjoy the dark. Simple candle or kerosene lanterns are prefect. NO external generators are allowed. We realize trailer-living may require some recharging; this should be limited in time and to those units that do not create noise pollution.

Liability Release and Indemnification Form:  Completion of this form is required for participation at all Backtracks events. Backtracks does not carry a huge liability policy to protect you in case of an accident; you need to provide for that yourself. Our policy is that you can either retain the risk yourself, or make arrangements for your own third party coverage - this includes travel, trip cancellation, medical, etc. Supervision for health and safety of minors is a parental responsibility. Please follow camp guidelines and help us create a safe event for everyone.

    We offer simple first aid assistance in camp. Any medical concerns that cannot be addressed in camp must be referred to the local Community Care service on 2nd East Street in Rexburg or Madison Memorial Hospital just up Main Street. Emergency services are aware of our location (6 miles from town - 2850 North 4000 West) in case they are required. Please make staff aware of conditions like bee allergies or concerns that may escalate into medical emergencies while in camp – so please be proactive by helping us to be aware.

Kids Camp: Although we call this program "Kids Camp," it is not a day care center. Kids camp is for kids from 4-15 years old and children under 8 years old are expected to attend with their adult. If you have several children in your family, you will need more adult supervision for many activities. A 1:2 ratio for younger ones can work.

    Families who participate are expected to attend a 45-minute Monday morning Kids Camp Powwow session after opening circle. Please do not schedule a Monday morning class if you are planning to have your family participate in Kids Camp.

    Older kids in the Teen and Youth programs need to be monitored as well – check-in with your kids. This will help us avoid feral bands wandering around with "nothing to do." Please encourage teens to be engaged in some form of instructional program. Note - Due to past concerns about safety and damage, the weapons range will be open only when a staff supervisor is present – Times will be posted.

Refund and Discount Policy: $100 of each tuition is a non-refundable deposit. Refunds can be obtained by contacting the office no later than 30-days prior to the start of the event. Transfers or carryovers can be made up to 24-hours prior to the event start. 

    Extreme weather conditions are becoming more of a concern. If catastrophic conditions require us to close the camp for safety reasons during an event, refunds will not be available. There are trip insurance options available through brokers that provide a policy to cover such an occurrence.

    Backtracks offers discount tuitions for work-trade options. We may also consider discounts for large groups traveling together or programs/schools that are sending multiple staff or participants. Contact the office to make arrangements in advance.

    We maintain a small scholarship fund generated through evening raffles. Requests may be made for access to that fund. Contact the office no later than 90 days prior to the event.


Your understanding of our position in these matters

is greatly appreciated.

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