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- Life In Camp - 

Camp Guidelines


Check In: Begins Sunday at 10am

*Please follow the printed event schedule and do not arrive before Saturday.

* All fees must be paid prior to the event's opening.

* All Participants must check-in and obtain an ID tag. This tag will be your

   meal ticket and class access badge, so don't lose it.

* Everyone who registers will be maintained on the Backtracks mailing list.


Food:  Please read Food Allergy Policy  

* We have an open hearth / family style cook area. We will have a staff that will

   serve at meal time and help to clean-up afterward.

* Meals will be simple, common menus. A vegetarian option will be    

   available for dinner; you are on your own for breakfast and lunch. Some

   vendor options may be available.

* Meals will be served from dinner on Sunday through dinner on Friday.

    If you arrive early or stay late, plan to provide your own food.

* Bring extra food and beverages as needed. Food items may be obtained at

   nearby, (6 miles) convenience stores.

* You need to supply your own utensils - cup, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, fork.



* No ground fires are permitted in camps. Bring a fire pan if you need a fire.

* No fires are allowed in the primitive area or inside of the tree-line.

* Do not gather natural firewood from the site. A central pile of wood will be


* Do not leave charcoal or ash in campsites. Move all residue to the central

   fire pit when striking camp.

* With changes in the fire season, a Fire Ban may be in place for the event.



* Attend to your own garbage. Don't throw garbage in the main fire pit. Please 

   don't dump food scraps or peels on the ground. 

* Trash cans are not provided. Please take responsibility for your own trash

   by taking it to town or otherwise disposing of it yourself.

* Compost bins will be provided for food scraps. Please do not put other

   trash in them.

* Trash containers in the kitchen are for operations trash only. No personal

   trash please.



* Our camp is a primitive site and has no RV hook-ups. Plan to camp in tents,

   tipis or vehicles that will remain parked. The camp has designated areas for

   RV camps, auto/tent camps and a primitive camping area.

* Rabbitstick is held on private land. Please respect this fact by keeping the

   site clean and orderly. Please keep your camp clean and remove all trash

   and signs of fire when you leave.

* Please keep camp within the designated areas and well away from the

   weapons range.

* Do not cut local plants for temporary needs.

* Most staff camp in the central instructors area, but some camp well away from    late-night noise in the main campground area. Participants will camp in the

   main camping areas. Quiet hours begin at 10:30 in the main campground.

   Please respect your neighbors with late-night noise at the central fire area.



* Cars are allowed in the camping area if you need to camp in them. Please

   leave cars parked during the event. Otherwise, please park in the front

   parking area. We experienced a lot of congestion each year due to cars in


* To eliminate traffic through the teaching area, the main access gate will

   be closed from 9am to 5pm daily.

* Please be careful not to block entries to the front parking area.

* Please do not park cars and trucks in the instruction area. This detracts

   from the primitive flavor of the site. Please unload and park in the

   designated parking area.

* Please no radios, generators or car alarms in the main campground.

* Do not run cars in the campground to charge batteries or operate air

   conditioners. If you use your car for a power supply, plan on taking it out of

   camp for a recharge.

* Trailers and motor homes will be limited to the north edge of camp along the

   river. Please follow the sigs in camp for designated camping areas. No

   external generators are permitted.



* Make sure that you follow all safety rules and use protective gear as

   recommended during any events that might require it. Parents please

   keep children away from or properly supervise them in hazardous areas.

* To help keep you up-to-date on changes and additions, we will

   re-announce class sites and times each morning.

* Please participate in the Sunday morning Blanket Fair 11am-1pm. Sunday

   morning will be a sales and sign-up time. Instructors will sign up limited

   enrollment classes at their blanket. Please do not ask for teaching

   materials until classes begin.

* Please make a point to support evening events. Campfires have

   consistently begun at 8pm, giving you a few hours to attend a talk

   or relax after a hard day's work. Please refrain from electric noise in the main




* To qualify as staff, you must be scheduled in advance to teach approximately 20 hours (including campfire activities) during the week. Do not show up at the gate expecting to be scheduled as a teacher. Notify us of your desire to attend in advance by returning a Workshop Proposal Form & Instructor Application. We will contact you if your schedule is approved.

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